Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Simple Things

  Not every morning starts off as busy as ours did today, nor does it start as unhappy as it did for Reese.
This morning I was taking both Reese and Brooke to the pediatricians for a well check...and shots.  Reese had been prepared about 2 weeks prior.  Just turning 5 last week I thought it was an appropriate time to begin talking to her and preparing her for shots.  I don't wont her to be afraid of shots or ever going to the doctors.  I figure preparing v/s bombarding was the best approach.  She understood the process just fine but was still scared and now was convinced that if she didn't actually turn 5 yr old, she wouldn't have to get her shots.  And therefore, she attempted to avoid her birthday altogether.  Needless to say she faced it and somehow found a way to actually enjoy herself at her party, stuffing herself with cake and ice cream.  I actually thought that maybe she had forgotten about getting her shots.

  Never underestimate the memory of your toddler!  She caught on this morning as soon as I had her get dressed so soon after eating breakfast.  And there they came, the worries, the tears, the attempts to hide.  I did all that I knew to do.  I had been completely honest with her from the very beginning.  "It will hurt, but only a little and only for short period of time."  I tried to tell her I had complete confidence in her and that she would surprise herself with how brave she could be.  She wanted no parts of ANYthing I had to say.  So I started to break down myself.  I sternly explained that if she didn't want to listen and trust mommy, then I didn't want to hear the winning and crying.  I was prepared for any reaction after the shots but I wasn't going to walk into the office with her already crying and worked up before anything had even happened.  She pulled herself together.  I promised her a special (kid friendly) coffee at Starbucks afterwards, gave her a big hug and kiss and packed both girls in the car.

  My girl:
That Reese never seizes to amaze me.  I have to give credit to both our nurse and doctor who were very friendly and warm.  Reese responded well and after finding out that we had actually already gotten her kindergarten shots last year and that she only needed one booster, she was very relieved.   She offered to be the first to get her shots.  She wanted to show Brooke "how to be brave" and indeed she was.  She barely made a sound, hopped down with a smile on her face and told Brooke everything was going to be just fine.  Brooke too did great!  I was so proud of both my girls as we walked out of the office this morning

 The Promise:
So off to Target we went.  I let Reese pick out something from the dollar section and pay for it herself.  Then we headed to the Starbucks just past the registers.  Brooke sipped a vanilla milk, Reese tried a vanilla steamer, and I had a carmel brulee something or the other.  And there we sat in front of a big window on bar stools enjoying our drinks and a victorious visit to the doctors.  It had been a dramatic beginning with a simple and rewarding ending.  I'm proud of my Reese.  Although she's growing up all too fast, she's brave when she needs to be, she is so often thinking of others and already at 5 yrs old very giving.  Yep, I think it's the simple moments in life that help put it all in perspective.  Just sitting there with my girls made me realize how thankful I really should be.  So cheers to the simple life.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Monday's

 Okay, so on Mondays I will post a new picture of me and my belly.  Since I turn a new week each Monday, it seems fitting.  I will probably do it once or twice a month. 
  So here it will begin.  This is me and baby (and my oldest off to the side) on the first day of our 14th week together.  Enjoy!


14 weeks and counting

  So I'm 14 weeks pregnant with our 4th (yeah, 4th!) child.  Now, I know that every child is a blessing, it's just been a bit harder to accept being pregnant this go around.  Not only were we not trying, but we thought we were protected.  Way to go Trojans, thanks!  It's also a bit harder on me this time because 19 months ago I made one of the hardest decisions of my life.  I choose to move away from home (HOME, people) to be closer to my husbands side of the family which he had so dearly missed.  At the time I was just grateful that I had been able to give birth to all my babies in my hometown with my friends and family all there for support. (My husbands family of course traveled to show their support too) The move from Carthage, NC to Chambersburg, PA hasn't always been an easy one and I will admit to not always adapting the change very well but, I think I've given it a good shot.  Now, we're still trying to get our feet on the ground so we might be awhile longer and we might not be.  We are pretty unsure right now what the future holds.  But one thing I'm sure of is this, June will be here before I know it and it looks like this baby wont be calling NC it's birth place.  Soooo, here we are.  Where this journey will end, that I'm not sure.

  To find out or not to find out?  The sex of the baby that is.  I think it would be fun not to know what we are having until the birth.  We found out as soon as possible with our last 3 children and I have never regretted it.  But the suspense this go around I think would so much fun!!  My husband (although not much a plan ahead kind of guy) I don't think could take it.  It would make picking out names even harder than it has proven to be in the past.  We have totally different taste when it comes to picking out names.  Well, maybe we just both have very strong opinions as to what is tasteful and what isn't.  It's always the hardest part for us.  I can't imagine us agreeing on names for both sexes.  I mean sure, we begin talking about names early like I think most couples do.  But committing to one name or another is so much more serious when you know what your having.  I was practically in labor with my son before we agreed to his name (Logan William,)  Okay, maybe I wasn't quite to the hospital yet, but 33 weeks is a little to close for comfort, don't cha think?!  It was for me anyway.  Well stay tuned kids, the best is yet to come.