Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Picture Tuesday

Who can beat a picnic on the lawn!  Cheese, fruit, carrots, and some juice boxes makes for happy kids and happy parents too.  This was from about two weeks ago when the kids and I were visiting NC.  I got lots of good pics of the kids on this day.  They were so happy to be enjoying the warm weather.  I've said it before and I'll repeat it...it's the simple things in life.  This picture brings back some warm memories and not just because of the weather that day.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the road again

So it happened again, I had no internet for a week.  Sorry faithful blog followers, it was out of my control.  But the kiddies and I are back from our trip to NC and we had so much fun!  It was honestly one of our better trips.  For the most part, I had enough time to spend with just about everyone without feeling my alarm was going to go off so I knew it was time to hurry to the next friends house.  It was still busy but so enjoyable!

 So now we're back and were welcome to a new home!  It's been a crazy week!!  At times I was really wishing I could just hop online for just a minute to blog but at the same time a little glad that by not having access to the internet, I had a real excuse because even though I wanted to, up until now there really has been no time to get on.  And oh so much more still to do.  I can't wait though to post a video of the house.  Again, it's no dream home but I'm excited to share "my space" with everyone.  It may be another week or more though, there really is alot more to do and with Jeremy starting a new job he's well, practically never here and I'm well,  practically never going to get much more than an hours worth of stuff done with the little hell-raisers... I mean sweet darlings sent from Heaven running around.  Just kidding everyone, I love my babies!!!!!

 But back to my trip home for just a minute.  I knew when this moment happen that I just had to blog about it.  So it's our last day in town, and I decide before we leave I'll call my sister Pammie to meet us for a quick lunch.  We meet at the park in Carthage, settle in at a table just to decided seconds later to move to a different one in the sunshine due to the wind and finally we're eating...well, most of us.  I of course have taken my one and only bite, when low and behold Logan saids "I really gotta go poop mom".  Nice, just what I wanted to hear.  "Okay Logan, come with me".  We set out back to the car, only 10 yards away and it's packed full mind you.  But no worries I'm a mom right?!  I got the potty seat accessible.  Reach in the car, pull it out, plop it on the ground, and Logan goes to town.  Yay, teenagers.  Really, I mean really?  Only a hand full of teenie-poppers roll up on their bicycles with their lunch and walk by with a couple of snickers.  "Whatever punks, give it 10 years"  So Logan drops a deuce in his normal 5 second time frame.  He then bends over, I proceed to wipe his rump and then with a plastic bag that is of course always handy, I scoop out his poop, wipe the potty clean, dispose of the crap (literally), clean our hands and head back to the table to finish lunch.  Like a well oiled machine people.  I didn't skip a beat or let it keep me from eating my meal, ain't no way. 

Two things I'm thinking: 1. "Boy, you just haven't lived until this is apart of your repertoire" and 2. "Yeah right, like Jeremy could handle this!"  No offense, I love my husband and he's a great, great father, but there just isn't anyway he would have handled that situation with that kind of organization and ease.  He probably would have looked at Pammie and said "Well, got any idea's?"

  Well, that was my going away story.  Stay tuned for pics of our family fun!   P.S   I promise, I'll keep 'em clean, no poop!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ear wax candles to the rescue

I should have totally taken a picture of it, but I got so excited that I forgot.  Reese had her first ear wax candle experience tonight.  I was introduced to them just a couple of years ago.  It's hard to explain...it's some kind of "tube" that has a narrow end to stick into the ear and it's open at the top.  It's about 12 in. long and when lit a the top it creates a suction at the bottom into the ear canal and begins to "suck" out the ear wax.  It's increadble!  There is no pain, nothing.  You just lay down and about 30 minutes latter unravel the final quater of the tube and see all the ear wax that's been hanging out.

 I've been wanting to have Reeses' done for awhile now.  She has so much wax packed down in her canal, that the child seriously has some hearing difficulties.  Wow!  So much came out tonight and there is still so much more to get.  We're going to do it again tommorrow night and I can't wait.  I'm one of those people who get a kick out of gross stuff like that!  Sadly, it was the highlight to my day.  Not that it wasn't another good day, it just was alot of fun seeing all that junk finally out of her poor ears.

 So our trip to NC is coming to a close soon.  Tommorrow I plan to spend a little time in Raleigh with Shay, her youngest and all three of mine ofcourse.  We basicly have decided to load all four kids into the car so we can drive to the Cupcake Shoppe in down town Raleigh to purchase a dozen each of some of the best cupcakes I've ever eaten.  So excited!!!  Sure, we'll do other stuff...just don't know what yet, and I don't care.  Just as long as when we head back into town, I'm sitting pretty with my dozen cupcakes.  Hands off kids, your getting Wal-fart cupcakes hahahahaha.

 Saturday I plan to head back up north but not before a stop in Cary to visit on more friend and then off the PA we go where our new house is awaiting us!  It's been fun.  Although we have been home now for more than two weeks, I still wish I had more time with more friends.  I love being home!  I even miss the snotty, rich bitties that think there better than you because they just came from spending over $200 at Talbots and now that your both headed to the same checkout lane at Fresh Market, they feel the need to jump ahead of you and your kids because their serving wine in an hour with their neighbors from the county club and they must get back home to make sure the maid cleaned up the bathrooms for the third time this week.  Awwww, there's no place like home!!  I know I went a little far with that, but I do miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 26

Well, here we are at 26 weeks pregnant.  About the size of an eggplant is what I read this morning.  Average size:13.6-14.8in, and 1.5-2.2lbs.  For next 3 or so weeks, the baby is working on his/her immune system while their eyes are also developing.  I also read that the baby's heartbeat might be audible without a stethoscope.  I've yet to ask anyone to try that, at little skeptical to tell the truth.  Jeremy might think I'm a little crazy it I say "go ahead put your ear to my belly, you might hear the heartbeat of the baby.  Oh well, I guess we'll try it.
I took this picture while the kids and I were at the Reservoir Park yesterday. I thought it turned out pretty good. Still feeling pretty good, expect for some pain in my bones.  I know it sounds strange, but apparently my bones "down there" are stretching!  And let me tell ya, it hurts!  But other than that, I feel great and get around just fine.  I feel tired most afternoons, but only sometimes get to indulge in a good ol' nap. 
I'm beginning to feel the need to "nest" but maybe that just has something to do with knowing that I don't have much of a choice once the kids and I get back to PA, we have an entire house to unpack.  I think all my "nesting" needs will be satisfied by the end of it all...hahahha.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Painted Piggies

Rise and shine!  At least it was light outside when the first of the 7 kids woke up this morning.  Losing an hour wasn't quite as bad as I anticipated it being.  I thought for sure the youngest of the kids would be up before it was light out.  But not a word until just after 7am, typical mind you, however it would've been just after 6 am if it wasn't for the time change.  Maybe these kids know more than they let on...

 Had a light breakfast, enjoyed 2, make that 3 sips of my coffee and then got the kids ready and myself to see Shays parents around 10am.  By then though it had really warmed up outside and soon we were all outside playing and catching up together.  We did a picnic lunch in the front yard, took some pics, took some falls, cried a few tears and then took naps.  Lola, Brooke and  hahaha Logan took a nap at about 1pm.  Sweet, I get to watch to game without too many interruptions.  And a sweet, sweet, ACC championship game it was my friends.  Duke won their 19th championship while I sat next to Shay and gloated while also sitting next to Andrew who well, didn't gloat so much.  Wa-Wa, sorry about your luck Carolina fans, although luck didn't have anything to do with it.  It was a fun game to watch and we shared in some good food while we were at it!

 After Brooke got up, my kids and I headed out to the Reservoir Park where we walked what felt like an eternity to get to just the right spot.  Once there, we said our last good-byes to Miss Rosie and the four of us shared in sprinkling her ashes in the water.  I thought I would cry more, but I was pleasantly at peace as I reflected on the last 7 and half wonderful years with truly one of Gods most amazing animals.  We were so blessed to have her in our lives. 

It was a busy day and great day.  After a spaghetti dinner, Lola, Reese, and Brooke all got their toenails painted.  This was a first for Miss Brookie-Boo.  And while the two other girls opted for a pattern of all three colors, I choose to have Brooke's painted in all solid bright pink, while she sat on the potty.  She was tickled!  I think her little fat tootsie look adorable...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 10!

No pics I'm afraid but at least I'm on line again and happy to report still having a great time in the dirty south!
So far, the kids and I have spent alot of quaility time with some good friends and we've also spent a couple of days being lazy.  That really has never happened on previous trips.  Usally our trips are so short, we really have to manage our time and keep to a stickter schedule so that we get to see all of our frineds and that doesn't even always happen. 

 The kids and I do miss Jeremy though.  I relized this morning when Brooke picked up a toy cell phone and started talking to "daddy" that we hadn't heard from him in a day or two.  It was time to call. We both got a little busy I guess that we missed a day, but as I think most people can imagine, it's not quite the same and I miss him.  A little distance is good for us though.  We still have another 10 days left in our trip but I can already imagine hugging my hubby again!! 

 So plans for the park tomorrow with some friends, a little picnic lunch and then naps.  Later tomorrow night, heading another good friends for dinner and good visiting.  Hope everyone is having a great week and if not, the weekend is just around the corner! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello Blog, I've missed you!

So coming home for a visit is always THE BEST!  But not having access to the internet can be what I can only imagine is like going through detox.  At lest I've had phone service... well sorta, it's better than nothing at all.  I'm now at a place that I can figure out how to log on and so it's time to update.  I'm kinda bummed that I missed a "My Monday" moment and all though I could still post a pic today, it wouldn't be a "My Monday" blog...soooo I'll just have to wait until next week.  I'll be 26 weeks then and by then I'll have more of an update anyway.  At this point in the pregnancy not too much big happens within a couple of weeks anyway, so next Monday will be more interesting.

  So as I said, the kids and I are home visiting.  We traveled last Thursday early morning and got in mid-afternoon.  The trip went surprisingly well.  I really had low expectations for this trip.  We left about 5am and I expected the kids to be crazy for the majority of the ride and to run into traffic in at least Richmond, VA if not other places.  But ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to report that the children rode peacefully throughout the entire trip and other than just a little slow moving traffic due to some road work, it was a very nice ride. 

  So we arrived and the kids and I are staying at a very good friends house and we have been visiting with friends and family through the weekend.  Logan got his much needed hair cut today, I got a copy of Reeses' birth certificate for school registration and some time later this week I might make it somewhere to get our taxes done before the end of the trip.  We'll be here for another week and the most exciting thing about going back to PA is.....I'll be driving back to my very own house!!!  I'm in no hurry to get back, but getting to come back to my own house is very exciting to say the least!!

Hopefully, I can still manage to get online this week and therefore will have some pics to post and some post of the fun things the kids and I have been getting into.  Time to visit with some more friends for now and soon I'll be sinking my teeth into something absolutely A-Mazing made by Shay for dinner...HOLLA! It's good to be home kids!