Saturday, October 29, 2011

White Halloween

So it's the 29th of October...and we have several inches of snow on the ground!!  It's not the most horrible thing in the world, just a new experience for me.  It was amazing to watch it come down, to tell the truth.  The snow started not long after 8 in the morning and continued with a vengeance until sometime after 5pm!  The flakes were like more like chunks, globs even.

 However, I was the "not so prepared" mom on the block.  I looked up and down, side to side for the better part of an hour and could not find Reese or Logan's snow boots.  I had every ones snow suit's but only could find Logan's hat and cloves.  I finally decided that after lunch we'd just put on two pair of socks, tennis shoes and some socks on the hands too.  Okay great, we have a plan!!  And then about that time, the power went out.  Well we cant very well go outside where it's cold enough to snow and then come inside to a cold house.  Poor Logan had to have me explain to him "one more time" like 7 times.  He was crushed.

  But what's new, right?  It starts snowing in October, and I'm not prepared.  But we made due with puzzles, a game of match, some Polly Pockets, and finally a late nap all together in my bed to stay warm.  The power finally came back on.  And by then Jeremy came home and had taken all 4 kids to his parents.  So, I enjoyed a nice bath with some bath salts...okay, okay, I used some of the kids bubble bath too!  It was nice.  So, here's to snow days.  Today was fun, but I'm hoping that the next one is a good month or more away and I plan on being more prepared.