Saturday, January 29, 2011

One last note

  So two days ago I posted about our dog Rosie, her most recent vet visit, and us hoping for the best with dealing with her cancer.  I really had a good outlook on things and was positive about going fourth with her surgery in a week.

  Then Thursday night happened.  Just after dinner I noticed Rosie having some sort of "reaction" that is very hard to explain.  The details aren't important, they are actually kinda heart breaking so I will spare you. What's important is by 3-4am I knew that she and I hadn't slept at all, that we wouldn't, and that she probably wouldn't make it through the following day.  I had already planned on calling the vet as soon as I got back from my doctor's appt. in the morning.  My plans changed by 7:45am.  I was already on the phone with the vet's office desperate to come in...I knew her time was up.  It wasn't a pretty sight and again, I'll spare the details.  My baby needed to go home with God and Jeremy and I knew it.

  It was quick once we arrived to the office.  Jeremy and I cried like anyone could babies.  I held her head in my arms while she laid on the table and softly took her last breath.  Jeremy and I kissed her and I then buried my nose deep into her neck and took in one last breath of her smell. We made the necessary arrangements with the vet and then left.  Jeremy and I held each other close for awhile.  That is no doubt in this world that she was a HUGE part of both him and me.  She was there from the beginning.

  I'm still dealing with alot of mixed emotions.  Of course knowing how quickly the cancer took over (literally, a week) and knowing that she's not suffering is comforting.  But I'm so mad that she had to go that way.  Anyone who has had an animal die of cancer would know.  It's awful.  It's like it just set out to absolutely reek havoc on Rosie's body and it succeeded.  It just doesn't seem fair.  I know that everyone thinks that they have the most precious and best dog and so do Jeremy and I.  Rosie was absolutely wonderful!  I just don't think she deserved to die so young and in that fashion.  I'm pissed off actually!  I know there's nothing I can do other than be thankful for her time with us and knowing she didn't suffer long, but it still isn't fair.  Life isn't fair, I know.

  So that's my start to my weekend.  Friday has come and gone.  I've been down, angry and then sad again.  Friday night was almost as hard as Friday morning.  The sun set, the kids went to bed and then Jeremy and I were faced going to bed without our pup in between us.  We can't kiss her goodnight, watch her prance around the end of the bed to find her most perfect and comfy spot and then listen to her give her big huff of what we guess is both satisfaction and for some reason  From that point Jeremy, of course could get comfortable and I would too...around Rosie, she always slept on my side of the bed.

 It feels good to be able to write about this.  But there is another part of me that needs some time away from the computer.  I've been doing a post and/or a picture everyday now all this month.  It was something that I was challenged to do for an entire year.  Seemed like fun.  But now I need a break.  It really has nothing to do with Rosie.  I've just come to realize that maybe I'll have better things to post if I give a few day rest from time to time.  And face it, for the next few days all I'll really have this weekend is Rosie stories.  Not that it's a bad thing, but some of those memories need to be just mine, not the whole worlds.  Everyone has a story and it should be shared, but only if they it to.  I need time to grieve and process this huge change in my life.

I want to say Thank you to all that have showed a great deal of support.  Thank you Cole, Shay, Tammy, Crystal, Faith, and Shannon.  Thank you for the comments, the phone calls, the texts.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back to blog in Feb.

Friday, January 28, 2011

She took her leave

Rosemary Marie Mickey "Rosie"
March 22, 2003-January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Girl

  So here she is, the lovely Rosie.  I took her off Shay's hands when she decided that right after bringing the puppy to her house, it wasn't good idea.  Shay was too smitten to think it through, she didn't have the space or the time (at that particular moment in her life) to own a puppy.  It wasn't fair though.  Shay said that there was a couple standing in front of Food Lion just giving these puppies away and she Fell. In. Love when she saw Rosie (not yet name yet)  So Shay calls me and in her most pathetic voice begs me to take the puppy off her hands.  I have to admit, I was reluctant at first.  Well truthfully, I didn't want the dog.  I hadn't met her yet and I was sure that she was every bit as cute as she sounded to be, but what I wanted was a chocolate lab that the very soon to be hubby had already promised.  At the end of the month, we'd be married and settled into our new house and then, we'd get a lab.  But, when I laid eyes on Rosie for the first time later that very same day Shay begged me to take her home with me, I really just couldn't resist.  She was just as cute and adorable as Shay bragged she was.  I fell in love with her just as quickly as I think Shay did.

 Jeremy followed suit.  Although he almost choked when I walked in the door with her, it took approx. 5 mins and he wouldn't let me hold again for the rest of the night.  Shay and I had already named her back at her house.  I like to named my animals after food...I know, it may sound a little weird but whatever.
We debated and through out a bunch a ideas when finally one of us said "how about the herb, Rosemary?"  Yeah, I think I could like that.  Rosemary Marie Mickey...Rosie.

 I give the back story because last weekend she had to go into the vet's office...again.  It ain't good kids.  My baby has a tumor in her right hind leg most likely wrapped around her sciatic nerve.  It also appears to be malignant.  It was a long and agonizing weekend for Jeremy and I while we discussed what step to take next.  She's not even 8 yrs old yet!  How could I let her go?  I know that sounds selfish and it is, but bare in mind that as of right now her quality of life is still pretty good.  But it will only get worse if we do nothing.  Thus, we have decided to operate.  Our risks are great but the reward is worth it.  Rosie could just as easily wake up, feel great, use her leg again, and live a while longer.  I don't know how much longer, most likely the cancer will appear again.  BUT, we'll be ready to let her go if and when it does.  I would never make my dog suffer just because I'm emtionaly attached.

She's my first baby and still I think of  her as a puppy.  She enjoys walks on the beach, meaty dog treats, belly rubs, sleeping in between Jeremy and I, and loves to travel.  I'm just not ready to say good bye without a fight.  So next Thursday, she goes in for surgery.  I could lose her that very day or I could keep her, making her happy and healthy for a while longer.  I kiss her everyday and tell her just so she doesn't forget how much I appreciate being her "mommy".  She's wonderful!  I love her and everyone around her loves her.  I'm praying for the best and I'm going to keep thinking positively.  So here's to great dogs that have made our lives happier in countless ways.  Here's to my Rosie and many more walks around the park and on the beach!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

This picture was actually taken last year during our "blizzard" here in PA.  Although we don't quite have 2-3 ft of snow yet this year, it's been snowing all day and we have a nice build up of about 4 in.  It's all the same to me...pretty, but please go away!  It won't, (not soon anyway) but when spring finally has sprung you won't find a happier girl than the one behind the keys of this computer.  The fires in the fireplace are always cozy and honesty I love that we have a reason to burn one almost everyday.  Jeremy driving me and the kids around to do that thing men always do "wanna see how the roads are", is fun.  The snow does make for some really pretty pictures and watching the kids play outside (from inside, thank you very much) is priceless.  And I do love my snow boots that I bought last year, very stylish!  But I cant wait for some slightly warmer temps and reason to be outside more.  Thank you winter for camping out for the last 2 months and possibly through next month but farewell, so long, I can indeed wait another year.  It's been real, and it's been fun, but it hasn't been that fun.  Maybe when I can take real advantage of the snow and go skiing I'll appreciate you more.  Until then, PEACE OUT!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25

I just explained to Logan that he's getting a new sibling this summer,
This was his reaction:

Okay, so maybe we were just having fun in front of the camera...but it sounded good :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Angie!

Happy Birthday Angie!  We hope that you enjoyed your cupcakes today!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Warrior King

This all Logan needs to get through each day...his Viking ax and shield!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Sekota!

I feel like I just did this yesterday...oh yeah, I did! 
 Who would have thought that Nichole would be sitting in her parents basement trying to hold to her unborn baby as long as she could.  Due to giving birth twice before quite early she was on serious bed rest.  She wasn't due for another month.  Doctors felt that at this point if she went into labor on her own, they were confident in delivering a very healthy baby.  She was now past the 30 week point.  But if she didn't go on her own, they would plan on a Febuary 14th induction, jut shy of 40 weeks.  It was January 08, the holidays were done and it was time to concentrate on Xaviers 3rd birthday coming up soon.  To Nichole, a possible Valentines induction was not her idea of a fun birthday date for her newest edition.  "Lord, please let me go naturally if I can, just don't let me have this child on Xaviers birthday"

Well Nichole, you can never say that the Good Lord doesn't answer prayers!  Next time you know to be a little more specific ;)
Happy Birthday Kota-Bug!  Have a great day!  We love you!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Xavier!

This is my nephew, Xavier.  He's turning 6 today and it's been quite the journey.
This little man was born at only 23 weeks gestation.  This was the first grandchild on either side of my or my husbands side of the family and so none of us really knew what to expect.  While we waited by the phone day in and day out from word from my sister-in-law on his progress, I personally remember what I was preparing my heart for, only because I didn't know what kind of a fighter my nephew was.  Now, I'm crystal clear that he is one of a kind sent here from heaven and is an amazing little boy.  He's grown into a well behaved, very loving, giggly 6 year-old who can eat anybody under the table...IF we're eating French fries  :)
Happy Birthday Xavier!  I share so many memories with you buddy and I'll be looking back at all of them this weekend while I wish I could be closer to give you a great big birthday hug and kiss!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Soap Box

  So, one of the "hot topics" in the news today is the sudden sky roket in teenage pregnancy.  There is one report of a high school in Memphis where 90 girls there are pregnant.  That's 20 percent of the schools female population.  I watched a young mother from this school being interviewed for the Today Show.  16-year-old Tarika Sutton is new mother and isn't surprised my the high percentage rate at the high school she attends.  As she holds her precious new born she states to the camera "It ain't nothing new.  Some girls do it cause they think it cute.  And some do it on accident".  On a quick side note:  Tarika, please stop skipping english class honey.

  Here's my big problem, other than the obvious.  Why isn't it just the girls fault or problem?!  Sure, later in the Today Show when Meredith Vieira interviewed both a psychiatrist and a psycologist and it was mentioned that both male and female parties need to be educated on sex and prevention of pregnancy.  It was also mentioned that many of the young lady's feel pressure from the young men (I use the terms lady and men losely).  However, lets go back to what Tarika said.  It's in her opinion that girls either do it on purpose or it's an accident.  WHAT, "Girls do it"!  Yeah, like she did it all by herself! 

  The Today Shows interview is just one of many that I have heard in the last week.  And it each one seems to start off with the same tone:  "Why are so many of these girls getting pregnant?"   It's not just girls getting pregnant!!!  The question should be:  "What the hell is wrong with these teenagers?!"  I mean, boys and girls.  I mean, where are the fathers in these interviews?  Why aren't they being called out and questioned on air?  I just feel that once the males are mentioned it's a total afterthought.  "Oh by the way, the boys are also responsible and both sexes are in need of some serious sex ed".

  I don't know why this particular topic hits a nerve with me so badly.  It's all I can think about in the past few days.  The entire issue bothers me, not just what I have written about.  I'm by no means naive to think that we could possibly educated, scare, or threaten these kids or the generations to come, enough to prevent early pregnancy all together.  Face it, people have sex.  Even the preachers daughter and/or son get caught with their pants down before they should.  But for heaven sake, what the crap?!   It's not just the schools responsibly either.  Why are there so many irresponsible or gullible parents out there.  I'm also not trying to pass judgement.  I too could find myself an early grandmother one day.  But it won't be for lack of trying to educate and instill in my children values and morals.  We all have our own ways of raising our children and we all have our own beliefs.  I personally, am a christian and my husband and I are raising our children in church and practicing the teachings of God from the bible as best as we can.  And like I said before, that doesn't mean I think all kids raised in that enviroment are invincible to making less than smart decsions.  This isn't about stereotyping.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that even if a child wasn't raised in this way or a similar manor, that the loved ones of the kids wouldn't find this to be an alarming topic none the less.  It's terribly alarming that so many teenagers are sexualy involved.  I know we can't just put locks on all their groins until their wedding day.  But really?! That many parents aren't involved enough with their kids lives or they simply don't care or worst yet, they encourage the behavoir for various reasons?  I'm shocked, appallled, and in my heart of hearts, I hurt for all involved.

  It's not just about getting pregnant, or even acquiring an STD.  It's about dealing with issues too young.  Both boys and girls losing their innocence and dealing with the emotions of being sexually involved with someone.  Yes, I realize that it tends to be more emotional for girls rather than boys but, no one can convince me that it doesn't effect that young man somewhere, deep inside each and every time. 

  Back to my main point.  I wish someone out there would have enough responsibly to interview both the teenage female and male whom are BOTH responsible for getting themselves pregnant.  And I don't mean the MTV's series (although, I admit it's my guilty pleasure).  Although I'm on the fence on whether or not shows like "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" glamorize the issue, I will agree that it is not an adequate story telling both sides.  Case and point "Teen Mom".  Haven't seen the trailer for "Teen Daddy" lately, or how about "Teenage Parents"?

  I think that's all I have for now.  I at least feel better.  I have no desire in any ruffling the panties of anyone or striking up a heated debate.  I sincerely hope that I have not offended anyone or come of judgemental in any way.  But I am curious to hear what you think.

Book Worm

Brooke isn't the easiest to shop for even if we're looking for a simple toys.  She's only interested in 1 of 2 things:
Whatever Reese and Logan are into OR books.  She could look at a book or have one read to her all day long. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18

 Reese just got back from dance class.  I think it's funny that the past two weeks she has been the only one to show up to her dance class.  Last week it started snowing pretty good about the time we got there but classes weren't cancelled.  And this week the roads had iced over early this morning but by late this afternoon the roads were just fine and classes still hadn't been cancelled.  It's just funny that the folks that are actually from PA are the ones staying home, even though the roads had been plowed and were clear.  But I don't mind Reese having a couple "private" lessons.  And I think she has enjoyed it too!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Our lil Sweet Potato

  Well, I have just recently found on the Internet a cute little way of knowing "about the size" of baby while preggers by comparing the fetus to a fruit per week.  Neat, huh?  Shout out to Becky!  Last week at 17 months the baby was about the size of and onion and today at 18 weeks, he/she is the size of a sweet sweet :)
  I'm now beginning to feel "flutters" in my tummy.  Once or twice now, I've been able to hold my hand in a certain spot on my belly and feel some movement.  I really cant be sure if the movement is kicking, or rolling, but it's something and it's very comforting.  Jeremy and I have decided not to find out the sex of baby Mickey until the birth.  I'm so excited...but not everybody is.  My best friends' husband said "that's mighty inconsiderate of you"!  Sorry to burst the bubbles of all those who don't like to wait, but Jer and I are kicking it old school style this time.  I mean it's the fourth kid for heavens sake, gotta do it different some how right?!  Here's a picture of baby bump (or bulge) at 18 wks.  He or she is about 5.6 in and weighing in at about 6.7 oz.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Say Cheese

  We had the most fun last night making funny faces and poses for the camera.  What can I say?  We have to stay creative around here to stay some-what sane!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011


  It certainly has been a busy end of the week.  Yesterday the kids and I joined a friend for a play date.  It's always so nice to get out of the house!  Had a great time and it wore the kids out...YAY!  Since our play date however, I noticed a few spots in my parenting that need a little attention.  Reese is not perfect, but she sure comes close it seems.  She does very well in public and I hardly ever have to remind her of her manners or how to behave.  Logan and Brooke on the other hand...well, their just different kids.  They tend to need a few hundred reminders and even one or two heart-to-heart's off to the side.  So, after being around other very well behaved children, I have decided that maybe Logan and Brooke need a little manner boot-camp.  They were in no means in trouble, but I've been on them like a fly on...the brown stuff. 
  Today I woke up in the mood to finish house hold chores and have them all done BEFORE dinner.  It's not that chores are hard or keeping the kids entertained is either, it's the two combined AND keeping the kids schedule of meals and naps.  Geesh, can make this pregnant chick a little tired.  Then there's the unexpected.  Our precious Rosie hasn't been in the best of shape this month.  Her right, hind leg has really been giving her some problems.  She doesn't put any weight on it anymore.  I've been keeping her on strick bed rest so that she isn't traveling up and down the stairs.  The stairs, it seemed was the culprit to her hurting it in the first place.  But in the last couple of days she just isn't getting any better, she's been getting worse.  My final straw (I really had no choice) was late this afternoon, while folding some laundry, I could hear her from my bedroom crying.  I went to go check out the noise to be sure, and there she was, lying under the bed whining and crying softly.  I called the vet and made an appointment for first thing Sat. morn.  Due to not having anyone to watch the kids on such short notice, I couldn't get in any sooner.  That lasted for 10 mins.  I just couldn't take Rosie being in pain until the next morning.  I called the vet back and they said to be there in 30 min.  Yes, I took Rosie and all 3 kiddo's to the vet with me.  I gave them all the pep talk on how to behave before we went inside.  Well, I guess 1out of 3 aint bad...errr somethin'.  Even more reason to concentrate on Lo and Boo's manners.   They aren't bad kids, they just don't like to listen the first time...or the second, or third, or fourth, or, okay you get the point.  So another $100 visit to the vet in one month's time.  Merry Christmas Rosie, Daddy and I just bought you enough drugs to keep you high til spring.  Not much to report on what is actually wrong with Rosie...weird, we never get to the bottom of problems at my house it seems.  We're just treating the symptoms through the weekend.  If she gets better, great!  If not, back to the vet for x-rays.  Yay me!!  I think Rosie has had as many doctors visits as me and baby!  I love her though and I wouldn't do anything any differently.
  So thats the start to our weekend.  The kids and I dropped Rosie back off at the house, made her comfortable and then headed to the mall to eat at Subway.  Not even quite done eating and Logan shouts out loud how badly he needs to "poop mommy!"  Which was so bad, that the poor girls couldn't finish their last bites of sandwich.  I was wrapping up their dinner and at the same time telling Logan to "just hold your butt cheeks together, boy!"  Seriously, Logan was in tears about his bowels and I was pretty sure he was going to duke in his pants.  We made it to a bathroom though!
 Then we rode some kiddy rides, ordered Daddy a sub for later and headed back to the house while listening to our favorite jams on the way.  That's my story.  It's not terribly exciting, but it sure keeps me on my toes.

Friday Free for All

Presenting, the fabulous Reese!  This is her fancy giddy-up for the day.  She even did her own hair.  Very fancy Reese, very fancy indeed!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12

Logan is watching his favoirte movie "How to Train Your Dragon"  He's watched it some many times, he speaks the lines while watching the movie

Let it Snow

It took a little while to decide, but I finally made the decision to take Reese to dance class yesterday.  It had already begun to snow but we had only accumulated an inch or so by 3:30pm and class didn't start for another hour.  I wasn't worried about getting to dance, I was concerned with getting out.  By 5:30, I wondered how much more we would get.  I checked Wilson School of Dance website and no cancellations.  "So why not", I thought.  It was either go then, or make it up later.  We make up enough classes when traveling to NC.  "Just go" I thought.

  So we did.  And wouldn't you know it, as we got closer and closer, the snow came down faster and the flakes got bigger.  "Great.  My father-in-law is gonna have to pick us up, I just know it. And then I'll have to leave my car here.  That kinda sucks".   Reeses' class this year is small.  And by small I mean, tiny.  It consist of her and just two other girls, and I know the families are from around here.  Those heffers didn't even show up!  I mean really, the southern chick is the only one who made it out?  Yall are from around here.  It's not like anything shuts down until there's practically a foot or more of snow on the ground.  I mean, Wilson wasn't going to cancel any classes until 7pm anyway!  Geez!  Oh well, I think Reese enjoyed the one on one.  And I was glad for at least Miss Jen's sake that we made it worth her drive to be there as well.
 Oh yeah baby, by 5:30, the outside world was white!  So pretty.  By then my FIL was on his way out to pick us up.  To my surprise he brought my BIL along, and Jason was sweet enough to drive my car back to the house.  Reese rode with Jason while I rode with my FIL, Tim.  The roads weren't too bad, but I don't really think I could have made it by myself.  I mean, I wanted bad to try, but every time we had to make a turn, it made me a little nervous to think how I might have done.  Tim and I talked about it, he kinda talked me through it even though I wasn't driving this time.  I now feel slightly prepared if I ever needed to drive in it.

  Although, last year I drove in some snow with my partner in crime, Nichole.  We had gone to a late movie and hadn't been there half an hour when the parking lot was almost covered!  My husband called what seemed like 100x preparing me, asking me if he could just pick us up.  I of course can tell him no easier than I can my FIL and insisted that I drive home after the movie.  That was a fun trip. Won't forget that one, will ya Cole?  She made me go out of our way to the gas station because she needed a nicotine fix.  So I drove to the gas station, stopped in front of the building still on the highway (it was like midnight or later and no one else was on the roads) and made her run across.  It appeared to be closed but she didn't believe me.  I wasn't gonna drive in the parking lot where no plows had gone through yet and get stuck!  Hahahaha, she ran all the way only to find locked doors!!  I should have left her!  Just kidding, Cole!!!
 My point really, was that I thought it very sweet that my FIL called my BIL to pick Reese and I up and have Jason drive my car back last night.  I couldn't have been more appreciative to them both!  Now we're all here enjoying donuts, coffee and the 3-4in of fluffy white stuff on the ground this morning.

  On a side note:  Isn't is amazing God's creation?  I couldn't stop thinking about that last night as I watched big, and I do mean big, flakes fall from the sky.  I mean, it never seizes to amaze me God's imagination.  Who else would have thought of perception at all?!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Hair!

Soooo, I've never gone dark before and it turned out pretty nice I thought.  Got a few high-lights put in for dimension and a really nice cut.  It's a bit of a confidence boost if I'm being honest.  It's boring, dull, and a bit depressing during the coldest part of the winter and this little hair makeover has done some spirit lifting.  I dig it!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


The kids and I went to the mall this weekend with my sister-in-law Angie.  She loves spoiling the she bought them all new socks.  Reese, I think loves her's the most (she got the toe-socks)  Yet again, it's the small things in life.  It was a day-maker for them to have new socks.  They couldn't wait to get back to the house to put them on.  Thanks Ang!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Elvis' Birthday

Little known fact: Elvis Presley was born on January 8th
Lesser known:  So was my little sister

  Happy 21st birthday Pammie Jean!  It's been a joy watching you grow from a sweet baby girl to B-E-A-UTIFUL young lady.  You have so much to offer this world and I love tuning in to see what your up to next.  Thanks for the memories too!  Stuffing you in the dyer while it might of accidentally got turned on for a split second :)  Your first day of school, eating lunch with you at school.  Awww, and how could I forget you dressed as Jasmine for the Halloween parade?!  Giving you driving lessons...Oh Lawd!   Spending the night with me.  Sitting on my bed with me when I realized  "I'm going into labor!"  Proms, winter balls, graduation.
"It's's's goooood."  

A few bumps along the road of course, but such is life.  The important part is that you have risen above them with the support of your family and a stronger person.  We have shared some close moments as well as shared some space.  But we are now at a point in life where we can be real sisters in every meaning of the word.  Don't get me wrong, being there for you and maybe having a hand in raising you was well worth it and an experience for us both that I hope we never forget.  But this place in life that we're at now has been the most fun!

 I know what tonight will be all about for you.  So all I can say is...BEHAVE, I'll be watching.  Really, I want you to have fun, but a part of me will always worry just a little too much and I'll be ready to say "told you so"
That said, I still wish you a very happy birthday, a great weekend, and a wonderful year, and as always...there is my wish for you, that all your dreams come true!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7!


Here is a group of sweet kids.  Cousins that played, laughed, sometimes cried, and ate most meal togther for 15 months.  Living next door the Xavier and Sekota was such a blessing to everyone in the family but it probably meant the most to my three.  The bond that was created last year will be a tough one to break.  I enjoyed watching these five grow and play together.  Much love to you boys and we miss you very much!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


These were the good ol' days, the dating days.  The days when we were so care free.  These days are the ones that brought us here to today.  It's why we are a "we", an "us".  We have new reasons for smiles and laughs today, but it's yesterday that give us such warm memories.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Many moons ago

Remembering when

Theses were the days when I could count on a PB&J sandwiches, a bag of chips and a capri sun to be in my lunch box.  Math homework began to be a thorn in my side.  I didn't (nor did anyone else in my class) know what the internet was yet.  Some of us did our book reports using erasable ink pens.  I no longer rolled up the legs on my jeans, but I probably wore Keds.  I rode my bike in the yard for hours as a form of fun.  In fact, I spent hrs outside for fun.  I got phone calls from friends on the weekend but before I answered it I didn't know who was calling.  We probably even still used Microfiche in the library.  My parents traded in one of their vehicles for a van because although she's not in this picture, my youngest sister Katie would soon be born. 
 Good memories, good times

Monday, January 3, 2011

Picture Baby Monday

Another "My Monday" has arrived.  And so, I have my second post of me and baby at 16 weeks!
I'm in that in-between stage of my clothes.  In todays pic, I'm sporting a maternity shirt but regular pants.  It's often the other way around.  So here we are: (I swear I look bigger than I really am in this picture!)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The house that built me

There is no going back, so I will try not to dwell on the past and the decision we came to then to leave.  But some of my very best memories were made in this very kitchen. This is 116 Edinburgh Dr.  And in this picture my family and I are making oatmeal cookies.  Something Reese, Logan and I did on many occasions.  Only this time we had a photographer in the room capturing the moment because we new we were nearing the end of our days in this house.  The moment was bitter sweet for me.  I love the pictures but I hated why were taking them. 

 My husband and I got married on a beautiful day in late May and this was our new residence.  We started out lives here.  We began being Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Mickey right here in Dundee Est.  It was a beautiful beginning in more than one way.  A couple of years later, we started our family here.  I will never forget the day we brought each one of our children home from the hospital.  We shared Thanksgivings with the family, birthday parties, and summers in the yard splashing in the kiddy pool.  Our family roots started right here on that pine straw covered soil.

  But my roots began to form in this house long before my marriage.  This was the home of my very best friend and her family while we were growing up.  I spent nights watching movies, eating popcorn, staying up late with Shay laughing, and talking.  Ate Hardees biscuits in the morning that her dad were bring for us.  Stood around the piano listening to Rick and Shay playing.  Here is were I would try to learn as Shay's family would teach me to Shag to beach music.  Shay and I would sit on her parents bed talking with her mom about what our future as a young adult might hold.  My roots began there long before I even new it.  I never dreamed that one day I would actually own the very home that help build me.  A blessing I will never forget. 

 Although I can't change the past, leaving was the hardest thing I've ever done.  Letting go is a process that I'm not yet done with.  But I do have memories, pictures, and the warmth of knowing that more love and support imaginable was created in that home and I was blessed enough to receive more than I deserve.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Project
Our girl, Rosie

Happy New Year!

I don't really have any "New Years Resolutions"  Of course any beginning is a good time to start doing things better, healthier, etc.  So here are a few thoughts and wishes for the the new year instead:

*Looking forward to a new house probably the most

*Looking forward to the birth of this child too (having our own house would make me 100% excited it)

*I wonder if I will get my Thank You notes for Reeses' birthday and Christmas out before the end of next week :)

*Oh, Reese starts school this year!  Having mixed feelings.  I'm very excited for her and at the same time kinda of dread it and then I'm excited again and then sad and then happy and then tears....

*I really do want to be in better shape, preggers or not!

*Getting rid of older toys and clothes we don't wear feels so good

*Can't wait for warmer weather and the shinning sun all day long!  I wanna plan trips to the beach with the kids.  I wanna take Rosie for walks everyday.  Having picnics in the park with the kids is always a good time.  Yeah, bring on the spring and the summer!

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm going to take some time to reflect, hopefully keep the positive of this past year and make better the areas in my life that need it.  I'm hoping and praying for a happier and healthier family and as always when I go to bed at night, I'll count my blessings instead of sheep.