Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Due today

So it's officially my due date.  But my little man, Jax Cameron is already 5 days old.  He's beautiful and healthy and I could not be happier.  If I'm being honest these last 9 months have been filled with alot of "what are we going to do or how are we going to do this?" but, once I saw my son for the first time the doubts and wonders all vanished with a blink of an eye and I fell in love instantly (as I knew I would) and I no longer question Gods beautiful gift.

 Labor was intense, I guess that's not much of a shocker.  However, out of all 4 labors now that was the hardest to "push" through.  So I called on God in the middle of labor and he got me through.  Truth is before I said a silent prayer and began to focus, I even said out loud "I can't do this".  In the middle of active labor mind you, I told nurses, doctor and even my husband I didn't have it in me.  And I didn't, but the Lord swept right in and took care of us all. 

 The past 5 days have been somewhat of a blurr but I have lots of family seeing to it that I'm never alone for long, and that all the kids needs are taken care of.  I appreciate it all so much!  It's just amazing really, when I think back to where I was just one week ago.  Ladies, no matter how many times it happens, my advise is always, always enjoy every moment of pregnancy (with respect to those that have rather unpleasant ones).  It's over in a instant and although the next chapters to come are just as fun and exciting, being pregnant (in my opinion) is a thing of beauty.  The reality of carrying a child never seizes to amaze me!

So here I am almost a week from my last post.  Totally different look!!

And here is baby Jax at 5 days old

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

39 weeks

As of yesterday, I'm officially 39 weeks along.  And although I'm smiling in this pic, I'm filled with mixed emotions.  Of course I'm ready but, at the same time I know the baby will be here sooner rather than later and my life will never be the same (for the good) but it will be stressful.  According to "The Bump.com" I'm carrying a watermelon!!  Maybe I should paint my belly with green and white stripes before I go into labor...lol!  I still feel good, although I don't get much sleep at night and that is always annoying by 7am when I have no other choice but to be up, awake, and I'm suppose to be happy...yeah.  So the mornings have been a little tricky lately.  Well, if you have time in your day to send me some labor vibes my way that would be greatly appreciated, although whats another week, right?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little update

Just a little update...still pregnant.  The latest doctors visit was last Thursday and the outcome was 3cm dilated and still 60% thinned out.  Nothing big really, could still go until my due date.  But today is Saturday and had you asked me a week ago I would have told you "the later in the month, the better.  Only because I want Logan to feel like although he and his sibling share a birthday, I don't won't the birthdays to be on top of each other, like not even in the same week".  Well, I'm singing a different tune.  Logan's birthday was on the 5th of June and as of the 7th I was fully prepared mentally, emotionally and physically to have baby.  But still here we sit.  It's not a terrible thing, it's for the best I know, but momma is ready at any point...I think.  The flip side is knowing that once baby is here, it's here.  And the easiest having 4 beautiful children is ever going to be is right now, pregnant with one!  I'm an emotional wreck.  So on that note, whatever happens, happens.

  Playing with my new iphone.  I know, I'm such a brat!!  But if it makes it sounds any better it's the older one that AT&T  is selling for $50.  Savvy, right?!  Well, that's about all the update I have.  Reese, Logan, and Brooke are all doing well.  We've been playing with our slip n slide this whole week during the heatwave.  We're all just hanging out and wait on baby.