Monday, August 29, 2011

Firsts Con't


Okay so today was the day.  Reese's very first day of school.  It was a test for all of our emotions.  Here's the low down:

 7am: Wake up call for the whole family.  Time to feed everyone and get dressed.  By 7:30 Jax and I were the only two not dressed and there was more excitment running around the living room than a 3 yr old's birthday party, clowns and petting zoo included.  Reese made sure I buttoned every botton on that crisp, purple plaid dress. We fixed her new hair band 86 times and she made sure her pretty purple necklace was on during every hair band replacement. 

8am: Everyone is ready and accounted for and out the door we go.  First we drop off Jeremy's car at the shop for and inspection and oil change and then down the road we go to Fayeteville Elementary School.  We were a bit early but alas the clock hit 8:45 and I walked Reese through the parking lot and up to the school house doors.

 It was when we hit the doors that everything changed.  Suddenly her sweet, soft, little hand slipped right out of mine and for a breif second I thought she was having a change of heart and making a run for it.  But when I looked down at her, she continued her little lady walk towards the doors and the I asked "You can't hold my hand?!" I really thought it was a mistake on her part and I'd feel her warm hand back in mine any second now...Ummmm, no.  Instead I hear, quite calmly I might add, "Mom, I'm growing up."

 Wait, excuse me?!!!!! I mean, I figued this day was coming. In a year!! The first day of school, of KINDERGARTEN?!  Well, not that I would ever tell her so, but I thought it was quite rude! Umph!
 We filtered through all the other parents escorting their children in, and found our way to the gym where her class was meeting.  It was time to say good-bye.  So I knelt down and said with a smile on my face, "This is it Reese.  I love y.."    Reese: " Mom" as she grabs both my hands into hers. "Your going to be just fine without me.  And trust me, God is going to be with you.  You may not be able to see him, but I PROMISE, he's with you today"
 I couldn't believe it and I couln't hardley keep myself togother.  I had to hurry up before I lost it completly.  We hugged, we smiled (some of us faked it) and off I went.  I totally did a look over my shoulder and there she stood waving hystericaly and smiling at me.  I turned back around and pulled my sunglasses down over my eyes and ran out of the school as fast as I could, tears rolling uncontrolably. 

 The next couple of hours were spent rather queit between Jeremy and I and once he held me and let me cry it out.  I think Reese leaving on such a good note made it easier for me to get through the day.  I had a couple of moments here and there but overall I was rather proud that I never had to find my way to the pantry for a paper bag to breath in.

  Finally! 3:00 came!  So excited to pick her up, Jeremy and I were!!  Logan and Brooke were too.  I don't think they really realized how much they missed her until we went to go get her.  Logan said "I hope Reese doesn't have to go back to school, I want her to stay at home so I can love on her all day."  Sweet boy!  And there she was.  That little sparkle of sunshine was patiently waiting for us with still a smile on her face.  I think she was as excited to jump in the car as we were to have her.  After all, she had a story to tell!

 Oh, did she ever gab!   We heard it all.  From the moment she, herself almost lost it right after I left the gym that morning to how excited she was to see and get to play with her friend Jake on the playground.  She had a great day and we enjoyed hearing every moment of it over a cake I baked in honor of her first day of school.

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  1. Love this, and love the tilting high chair to get Brooke in the pic :)