Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Round two!

I mean, is she ready or what?!  Needless to say Miss Reese is excited about school.  Did you notice her shoes?  Don't forget her name means "trend setter" so watch out...lol!

 So day two was easier than the first.  We went right in together (she settled for holding my hand today, poor thing).  We meant a new friend at the doors of the gym.  Samantha's mom and I talk and introduced ourselves's and then off Reese took off with her new friend and teacher.  It felt much different than yesterday.  But I'm still processing that Reese is already in school..wow!

  But my happiness would end before I would even get back to the car.  As I exited the school house doors, I hear a member of the staff talking very loudly to someone else about how this needs to be the last day of walking kids into school.  "It's time to ween them off" I hear her say.  "Tomorrow is it, no more walking them inside."  Mmmmmm.....my thoughts are all over the place.

 I did make brief eye contact with the woman making the bulk of the comments and I decided not to interject because she's not actually talking to me, but I can't help feel as though the comments are directed at me anyway.  I was after all one of very few parents today not dropping my child off from the car.  However, lets get real here.  First of all it's only the second day of school.  Secondly, I'm offended that anyone would judge me for my decision to walk my daughter into school.  It's my decision to make. And I'll make that decision not to walk her in when I'm good and ready.  Like when I feel secure and absolutely sure that Reese knows exactly where to go.  Which let me just state, that the kindergartner's aren't even walking to their classrooms at this point.  Their meeting their teacher in the gym and then walking together to the classroom. Which is fine.  I completely support the decision the faculty and staff has made. But until  I know  Reese knows where her classroom is, I'll be walking her there myself.  I'm her parent, and  it's my responsibility to ensure her safety.  So I might just walk into that school house until she's in the 3 grade if I feel it necessary. 

 And believe you me, that's exactly what I plan to say to the next individual whom thinks it's their place to under mind that decision a parent has made weather it be to walk their child into school or not.  I'm just frustrated that I already have a bad taste in my mouth and it's not even the third day of school.  They better be treating Reese well...

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  1. Oh, I would have totally done the same thing, like burned holes into the squawker with my eyes until she looked my way and stopped flapping her lips.