Thursday, August 18, 2011

More from my kitchen

A little story coming from Big Dan's kitchen.  I was super excited when Shay gave me a super easy recipe for Chicken Pot Pie.  I made and not only did I enjoy it, but my kids did to!!  That's a big deal because quite frankly, I'll eat just about anything but my kids are a bit more picky.  Of course so is the rest of the world.  But honestly, it was good.  I may not be a picky eater by a long shot, but I do know when something is worth eating again.  My next proud moment in the kitchen was when I made another Hinson favorite and barbecued some pork chops.  Again, a hit.  Then the next night I pulled something out of my butt and fixed a little shrimp, pasta, and veggie dish.  It was simple, true but the fact I could come up with something on the fly is where I could really pat myself on the back.

  But what goes up most come my confidence.  So it's been a few weeks since we had chicken pot pie and because it was so easy and so good I tempted fate a second time.  This time though I was running a little short on time AND the kicker, Jeremy was home for dinner and for some odd reason decided to try my dish.  So,the kids were getting picked up for VBS and I had to pull my dish out a few minutes early.  It smells de-lish and the kids and I are tearing it up.  I know a few bites into it that I should probably say something when Jeremy beats me to it and saids:  "My wife, I love her.  She tries."   Me: "Hun, I know the dough is a little under cooked.  Can you not just eat it anyway?"  Jeremy: "Hun I love you, but no."  I mean, why?  Why do I even try?!  Well really, why does Jeremy have to eat my dinner the night it's not perfect.  I swore up and down to him that I really do know how to make chicken pot pie, but needless to say he doesn't believe me and he went and got a burger! 

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